Obama defeats Romney to win second term, vows he has ‘more work to do’ | Fox News

Obama defeats Romney to win second term, vows he has ‘more work to do’ | Fox News.Victory Speech


This election should not have been. The people who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm, have been duped and lied to again. Personally I feel sorry and I pity these people for they know not what they have done.

Three monkeys

Deaf Dumb and Blind liberal voters

We are  on a precipice of despair and discontent  following the re-election of the incumbent, Barack Obama. There might be a growing resistance to the encumbrances of the agenda this president is hell bent on continuing.  One question that must be asked who and what are the responses to accepting the mess from a previous administration? How will that answer play to the public at large?

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I am now dabbling in political commentary as an independent conservative. Now is my time to voice my opinion on matters that will effect the future of those who need inspiration

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  1. i thnk they know exactly what they’ve done. the effective replacement of the constitutional republic with a progresive/democratic socialist form of government. from today forward, we are ALL John Galt.

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